Monday, November 24, 2014

Winds of Change

November 24,  2014

Brother Choi is getting baptized this week! WOOHOO! We met to go over
the bapt interview questions, but.....he showed up and proceeded to
show us this "life changing talk." He'd been searching the internet
and found President Monson's talks, and wanted to share. Then shared
his insights about the book of abraham, which he'd also found online.
"I'm throwing away the old testament, this is sooo much better!"
Yeah.....he's ready.

It never ceases to amaze me, how much the Lord guides us. We were
rushing to an appt this week, and passed a man and his son. We ran by,
but then felt prompted to go back. About face. Turns out he's the dad
of a girl who came to our halloween party. After we allayed some
concerns about us being a  real church ("I only seen foreigners
there!"), he decided he'd start sending his kids on sundays. YES!
There's just no way we could meet this people on our own. There IS
divine aid.

First real member referral of my mission! The amazing son of our stake
president, is filling out his mission papers currently. We had a talk
the last week about how cool it'd be if he could baptize one of his
friends before he left. Well, he showed up this week to church with a
friend and asked us to "talk with him." Yeah, he's getting baptized.
Super cool.

Well, transfer calls came and....I"m going to ilsan! 일산! I had a dream
that I was going back to the east coast. Apparently instead I'm going
to the farthest west area! Woohooo!

It's really sad to leave jangwi though. It feels like I JUST got here.
Three months seems so short compared to the 9months in my last area.
As I was sitting in sacrament meeting on my last sunday, I was
overcome with a powerful feeling of satisfaction. I've accomplished
the Lord's will for me in this place. It's time to move on to the next
thing He has for me.

I've also been thinking a lot about Joseph Smith this week and my
testimony of what he did. And I've settled once again on this: He was
a prophet of God. He translated the Book of Mormon through the power
of God. Heavenly Father restored His one true church through Joseph
Smith. It's a knowledge I've obtained through study and prayer. And
such a witness cannot be taken away by man. I cannot deny it.

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

--"singles party" at bishops house.
--the districttttt
--bishop and his wife. SOOO GREAT>

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