Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Years! Receive many blessings from the New Sun!

December 29,  2014

It was a crazy week this past week! Christmas conferences, temple day,
a trip to the east coast, calling the family, good byes for Elder
Black, and now he's gone! Bye Bye Josh!

Calling my family was great, I have the BEST family ever. #1. 최고. 전무후무.

On Christmas Day, Elder Black and I traveled to the other side of the
mission, pretty much as far as is possible to go, to Sokcho. It's a
little branch on the east coast, close to Donghae where I served. It
was very humbling to visit Sokcho's 6 members, one by one and spend
time with them. Each is so strong in their own way, facing such hard
trials, but still incredible. A 13yr old young man, the only attending
member in his family, who acts like he's going on a mission next year.
A spiritual giant. A physically disabled sister with the funniest
personality and brightest smile. A family with severe financial
challenges. And more. Each with their own story, each with their own
conversion. But together they form a unit of love and hope. Such a
resilient hope for the future. Ah, the future of our church is bright.

It's a hope that comes only through Jesus Christ. "Behold I say unto
you that ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the
power of his resurrection" (Mor 7:41) It's a hope that is everlasting,
never ending, and always supporting. It's a hope that is true.

We also attended a stake youth talent show. The missionaries in the
stake were asked to prepare a couple musical numbers. It was way fun
and the youth loved seeing 50+ missionaries singing the EFY medley.
But the feeling was really weird. Lots of kpop, breakdancing, love
song duets, etc. Way cool. But just really uncomfortable for us as
missionaries. Weird how those things are totally fine, but just not
for us right now. Everyone with a name tag felt it.

We really are set apart from the world.....

love you all!
Elder Rosenberg


delicious 돈까스 (pork cutlet?) at a stress free restaurant.

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