Monday, December 1, 2014

Ilsan! 일산 화이팅!

November 30,  2014

It's been a crazy week! We had Brother Choi's bapt interview, lasting
2hrs, and got him all ready to be baptized Sunday! And he got baptized
whoooohoooo! So happy for him. He understood what an important step it
was in his progression and is excited to keep going.

Sadly, I wasn't able to go to the baptism. But I had a great sunday in
the ilsan ward! It's HUGE. About 140 strong. And the building is
american style, and massive. I'm way out of my leauge here. The area
looks a lot like northern virginia and is a rich commuter town. And
they have REAL HOUSES. Whoa. Excited to get to work with such a great

My new companion elder black is really great. We're both older,
experienced missionaries, and we are going so hard. We keep running
out of time when we go places. There are just SO many people to talk
to on the way! It's tough. We also keep running out of pass along
cards. He goes home in a few weeks we're on the final

We had an awesome service opportunity this week. Making KIMCHI! 7hrs
of washing vegatables, cleaning, peeling, slicing, etc. Super fun. And
a great chance to get to know our new zone. I was chopping these HUGE
stacks of 'great green onions" and just bawling. The ward sisters
thought it was hilarious.

Met the man who translated the Book of Mormon in to Korean, had
thanksgiving at a buffet, and loved life this week.

Transferring was rough, it's always hard to leave an area, and start
all over: learning the area, memorizing members, building trust with
them, getting missionaries to trust you, build everything up. I had
just felt like I got it together in jangwi, and then I had to start
all over in a HUGE ward/area/zone with a lot more responsibilities.
But I was reading 1Nephi3 and it was totally talking to me.

Lehi(president) received revelation to send his sons (me) to go do a
hard thing, get the plates. The sons, (me) had two ways of reacting 1)
"it's a hard thing you ask...blah blah" 2)" I recognize it's the
Lord's will, He's help me do it, let's GO!"  And the son who reacted
the second way was "favored of the Lord" and giving the strength to
commit himself to "not leave until he had accomplished the Lord's
purpose in that land."

So I'm choosing to react the second way. It's a lot more fun. And the
Lord is already blessing me so much. He has asked a hard thing. But
He'll make me great enough to do it. And I wouldn't have it any other
way. He WILL strengthen us to do more than we ever could alone. The
Savior's enabling grace is real. I know it.

Love you all! Have a great week! Do something hard!
Elder Rosenberg

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