Monday, December 15, 2014

There can be miracles....!

December 15,  2014

We fasted and prayed like the dickens this week and the miracles pulled through!

Brother Jo, an 85 year old retired professor from the Korean Yale, came to church, a baptismal service, and dinner with the bishop! He first learned about the church when he visited byu to help start their korean program or something. He LOVED the people there, the modesty, the purity. And he loved chruch this week. Said it was much less "rank based" and more like a family. And instead of just listening, it requires participation and people actually learn thinks. In korea, age is super important and it is unheard of for little kids to be giving talks and prayers in worship services. But here, we are all children of God, learning and growing together. He was super impressed. And he really wants to get baptized. He just has to end his deep relationship with the korean Yale church, and wants his son to get baptized too. 

Prayers are answered. Fasting has real power. And despite kids screaming and trying to through things in the font, the spirit is SO resilient. 

you know how I'm awful at bowling? I bowled a 135 last week after a Korean taught me how to bowl a curve ball! 

love you all! Merry Christmas! 

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