Monday, July 13, 2015

The last email.....

July 13,  2015

Well, it's been a week of lasts! And now it's time for the last email.

We have only eaten dinner once at home in the past 9 days. Turns out
people like to feed missionaries going home....

My last MLC, President Sonsken's first. It was great. He's going to be
a great blessing to the mission. I really felt the spirit. And I knew
I was feeling the spirit because I kept recognizing things I needed to
do better. Like Nephi in 2Nephi2, I felt the "wretchedness."

Actually was able to talk about that with a less active this week. We
were discussing Jesus Christ and what He means to all of us, and the
spirit was there strongly. So we stopped and said, "Hey. The spirit is
here. We feel it and we know you do too. And when we feel the spirit,
He often prompts us to change for the better. So what is He saying to
you? What do you need to change in your life to draw closer to Jesus

The power was almost tangible as we sat in silence for a few moments.
Finally the LA looked up and said, "well, I suppose I should talk with
Him more often, probably pray everyday." YESSS! We teach and testify,
and they commit themselves under the power of the Holy Ghost. BOOM!

We're trying to work better with members. Our ward is infamous for
less than the best relations. Sure I have no time left, but I still
memorized more names, and as I used them on Sunday, it was awesome!
People love being called by name, and asked sincerely about their
lives. Cool stuff.

Zone training was great. My last, Elder Sullivan's first. I dropped
the hammer a little bit. It was affectionately described later as
"Elder Rosenberg's Hell-fire Speech." Love our missionaries. Such
great potential.

I'm saving all the money stuff for my final testimony tomorrow at the
temple.  But it's been a great two years. I love Korea, I love the
Lord. This IS His work. He WILL be right beside us every step of the
way. We just need to trust Him, and jump in. Be clean, have faith, go
hard, and follow the spirit. We WILL be led. And there WILL be

Jesus is the Christ. He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. If
there's one thing I learned here, it's that fact. His way IS the way
to real happiness and success.

Discover the gift. Embrace the gift. Share the gift.

Elder Rosenberg.
Korea Seoul Mission.
Brief, but passionate.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Birthday America.

As hiking and pday was wrapping up, we were out of time so we ran to
McD's to grab dinner really fast. Turns out it was not really fast. We
applied Christlike Attributes and waited patiently, then started
sprinting home. But we ran into a member and started talking. We
needed to get home and change, but felt to keep talking to him. After
a moment he said, "hey I'm actually meeting my friend right now. Want
to wait and say hi to him?" ohhhh yeah. So we met him. Casually became
friends. Went back to McD's and all ate together.
That was cool. A first.

A taxi stopped next to me the other day, and the driver started
yelling at me. Oh dear. I get close enough to hear, "That book. Give
me one of your books!" Ok. He takes it and speeds off.
That was cool. A first.

Met our new mission president! President Sonksen! Up until a week ago,
he was the CEO of a peanut butter company, and mannn he loves that
stuff. They've got powdered peanut butter, peanut butter energy shots,
all kinds of stuff. A very impressive man. Full of the spirit. Excited
to be here. Sacrificed a lot to come. So grateful for those who serve.

4th of July BBQ with the temple missionaries! Wow. Delicious. Super
fun to listen to all the korean temple missionaries make comments
about the food. hehehehe. They were not fans of the rootbeer floats.
(Rootbeer is 'medicine' flavor). I happened to sit across from one of
the area 70s. That was AWESOME. Pretty cool to hear about sitting in
front of the prophet, sweet to ask him gospel questions, and all
around wonderful. Turns out his daughter is married to the older
brother of my greenie, and both live in arlington, VA.

David. Sooo close to baptism. He's doing well for the 18th. Woooo! We
talked about temples and how that's the goal, baptism's just the
start. He was getting excited and the spirit was so strong. Elder
Sullivan and I were tearing up.
This is all so great.

love you all!

at the top of namsan, they have this wall of locks, couples write on
the lock, lock it on, then put the key in the mail box there.

when people tell us they "don't have time to meet until next year..."

Monday, June 29, 2015

The bottom of the otter-pop is always the sweetest.

June 29,  2015

Felt like epic mealtime last pday. Went to a place next to the
military base, called "Burger Mine." Unlimited burgers. Real.
American. I only managed to get down 3 of the massive stacks of meat,
egg, bacon, veggies, etc. So worth it.

Made jello for one of our chinese investigators this week. He started
giggling like a child on christmas as he bounced it up and down. nice.

We teach a pretty crazy kid who's basically a third korean, a third
american, and a third chinese. He finally came to church this
week....but on the way home from the club and hadn't slept for 32hrs.
Surprisingly made it through most of the 3hrs. Pretty cool that he

"Once you hit your 5th transfer together, you finally start to feel unity.."
Yes, Elder Sullivan and I work well together. Super busy, tons of
teaching. Not a lot of finding time. But the Lord provides. We got 2
member referrals this week. More than I've got my entire mission. Both
are awesome.

Coolest moment of the week:
One of the member referrals is a girl whose mom is LA and grandma is
active. The girl is apparently a prodigy, speaks 6 languages fluently,
and attends an elite liberal arts school in boston. But she's having
some really hard times. After the doctors, counselors, and
psychologists gave up, they finally called in the missionaries. We
show up to probably the most expensive house I ever seen in korea
(after the mission home). Mom, grandma, and daughter are all there.
They feed us Popsicles and awkward chitchat for a few minutes. But
finally get out of the way. Then begins one of the best lessons I've
ever seen.

It's difficult to describe, but it was an incredible experience. It
just felt like D&C 50:22. "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that
receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice
The Lord will reveal to us people's needs. In very real ways, we will
be given exactly what to say. And you and they will feel the power of
the Holy Ghost.


The mission is like a Popsicle. It just gets better at the end.

--burger king had a sale...10pc nuggets, $1.50. Yes, we bought 60. Yes
it was too many.

Monday, June 22, 2015


June 22,  2015

Anyone remember that kid I spent 6months being companions with a year ago? Well we're back together! Elder Sullivan and Elder Rosenberg 7.5months! I will have to be with my wife for a long time before she beats Elder Sullivan.....

Fun experience this week helping out an 94yr old grandpa. We were on the way home, almost late, and spotted him, struggling along with a big on his back. I grabbed the box, my companion grabbed him. And off we go, for about 20min, grandpa yelling out directions. Finally we get him to tell us where we're going. Oh no. He's lost. Our destination is actually 2hrs in the opposite direction. So we spend the next 20min getting him to a police station and they help him back to his house. Poor guy. Just kept saying, "wow. I ran into some really nice guys tonight...." 

Another man actually saw some other missionaries doing a similar thing and wanted to meet us. Pretty golden. Memorized the script of south park to learn English so originally thought Mormons were stupid, but now he's moving to america for grad school and thinks we might be a nice "community to join."  People just never know how much good they do. 

Had my final interview with president. Pretty sweet. I'm going to miss him. 

President Christensen actually had final combined zone conferences this week. SUPER sweet. It felt some Lehi in 2nd Nephi, exhorting his sons with all the tender affections of a parent, his final counsel before he passed on. The Spirit was so strong. 
-Foundation. A mission strengthens our foundation, but now we go on and build! 
-The biggest thing missionaries don't understand is how important this work is. There is NOTHING more important than saving souls, it's God's work and His glory. When you understand that in your heart, not just know it in your head, it makes all the difference. When Satan tempts us with fear, laziness, or "it's not worth it' "it doesn't really matter", than we can answer as Nehemiah, "I am doing a great work and cannot come down." 
-Boat Guy. Don't live below your privileges. There's a feast to be had in doing the Lord's work. Don't sit by and watch it happen, don't settle for scraps. Dive in. Just do it. 

The Lord sent me here because He knew I would complete the mission. 

Love you all. This IS a great work. 
Elder Rosenberg

Monday, June 15, 2015

100hr adventure

Here I sit, blinking blearily at the computer monitor, trying not to
let my head hit the key board.....

HA. Kidding. It's been a great week! Yes, way tiring. Much so. But
easier than I thought'd it would be. It worked out to 14.5hrs of
proselyting/teaching everyday. I haven't felt this sleepy since
highschool, when I sit down/stop moving, I start nodding. Also, korean
is like one of those old cars, it doesn't get started too early in the
morning. The first 5 people you talk to at 630am have no idea what I'm
saying. But then you get warmed up and cruiseeee! Sure, half the
people you talk to are half asleep too, but you meet sooo many people
you'd never have see otherwise. And you find SO many more people. Our
zone doubled it's contacts to 4556 people met this week, between 11
companionships. YEAH!

Learned a lot need to exercise/eat right otherwise your
body is NOT happy. And I will never look at those sacred hours of
morning gospel study the same. Those are inspired, God gifted hours.
NEVER waste them.

The biggest thing though: The Lord strengthens us. We CAN work that
hard. 100hr week is a LOT. But almost our entire zone did it! And when
we go to the edge, there's nothing but the Lord to hold you up. And He

It's been the funnest week of my mission. This is just such a
wonderful work. Elder Smith goes home tomorrow. It was a good way to
go out. I'm sooo lucky to still have a while left. There's just
nothing like this.

1 Nephi 20:10--For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in
the furnace of affliction.
Isa. 40:31--But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their
strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run,
and not be weary;and they shall walk, and not faint.

Christ lives. This is His church, His work. His power is behind us.

Monday, June 8, 2015

100hr week

June 8th,  2015

We're doing a 100hr proselyting week this week, so time is short!
We leave the house at 5:30am, then go until 9:30pm, with half an hour
of studies, and no meal time(unless with investigator/member).

Had steamed pig feet this week. better than I thought.

Went and did baptisms at the temple with a recent convert, brother
Dae-Young. Really cool experience. He bore his testimony about it on
Like Pres. Packer says, "Everything we do in the church should point
to the Savior and His Holy Temples."

Monday, June 1, 2015

"Don't count the days, make the days count.

June 1,  2015

"Don't count the days, make the days count."

We're making them count, this week was packed with the Lord's tender
mercies. In Seoul it's 400 20yr olds against 30million, but we're
winning everyday.

Brother Yang: he's a chinese grad student here. We had to help edit
his graduate level materials science paper......ouch. Elder Smith went
to MIT and I used to be ok at that stuff but.....we got our tails
kicked. 48pages of pain. But we did it. Yang's awesome. Brought his
girlfriend too. He's come to church twice, loves it, loves the gospel,
and should be gettting baptized soon. Even referred his girlfriend who
has TONS of questions.

Brother Allen: a much younger chinese college student who's super
relaxed, loves church, and is also getting baptized this month. Turns
out he and Yang are from the same hometown, so they love sitting
together at church.

Brother David: meeting missionaries for 1.5 years, but finally came to
church for the first time. We dropped the hammer on him this week and
his heart is softening a ton.

Picked up another couple baptismal dates. And in total, we taught 20
actual sit down lessons. That's pretty ridiculous. I've never come
close to that before. This is a pretty unprecedented level of success
for Elder Smith and I. The Lord is raining down the blessings.

Elder Maynes of the 70 came for a combined mission conference this
week. He taught about having extraordinary expectations, extraordinary
goals. Then we have faith and manifest that by the way we pray. They
will be extraordinary prayers. And boyyy are we praying.
Honestly Elder Smith and I had that discussion about a week earlier,
and were already well on our way. Elder Maynes just put it all into
words for us and helped refine our vision. And the results are

This is the work of the Lord. He truly watches over His servants. When
we go all in, and plan, pray, and act in faith......stuff happens.

Wish I would have figured this out sooner, huh? But I guess that's a
sign of progress :)

love you all!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Temple Run

May 25,  2015

Pretty sweet week. Like every week, but this was especially so. Really
felt the spirit a lot.

Everyone in korea comes to the temple on saturday in the bus loads. So
we get to see lots of friends. This week I got to see my training and
our old AP.

Really fun family night with an american family in our ward. but I got
pretty sick from the hamburgers and 7 layer dip. Wrecked my insides.
I'm not doing to do well when I go home.....

The TEMPLE. Everyday I realized the power it has. We meet people on
the street, tell them we have a super cool building, show them a
picture, say "lets go!" and start walking. And a surprising number
just follow. Once they get to the temple, their jaws drop, the noise
fades away, and an overwhelming feeling of peace sweeps in. People
feel the spirit. It's real.

Elder Smith and I had a really good discussion about faith, belief,
success this week. Decided we needed more faith. We need to believe in
every contact that they WILL meet us again and get baptized. In every
lesson that they WILL commit. Made the decision, went out and acted.
One of the first people we met that day, we invited to the temple and
started walking. He followed. Told that he couldn't go in, but WHEN he
gets baptized he can. Sat down and taught him. Of course you can't get
baptized yet, but WHEN you do......
He committed to be baptized next month.  Brother Woo.

Have faith. Do or do not. There is no try.

Life's good.

love you all!

Monday, May 18, 2015


May 18,  2015

Transfers! Now I'm in Sinchon, the center of Seoul, full of
universities, parties and the LIFE. Yes, you noticed it's SIN-chon.
But we've got the temple, and Elder Smith and I are  here to gather
out the righteous,right?

Went to the temple, wonderful as always. But especially cool because I
got to do the work for one of our ancestors, Sir William. A special
experience, unlocking the gate to his exaltation. I also had a temple
recommend interview with Pres. Really grateful to be able to answer
the questions easily, and be worthy.

BYU WIND SYMPHONY! They had a pretty sweet concert. BYU's great. The
south mission was there, so I saw an Elder Joe Eads from columbia
stake and Sister Kaelin Holdaway from MD. And the Anderson family!

I was supposed to do the bapt interview for a chinese man named Rick,
that my comp/the AP's taught. I sat there in the lesson beforehand,
watching elder south just go at it in chinese. Turns out he smoked
before he came so we'll have to postpone. That's sad. But from what I
could understand it was a pretty powerful lesson.

We teach a lot of internationals here. We just bring people to the
temple/the church and show them mormon messages in their native
language. In the past 4 days we've taught germans, saudia arabians,
chinese, mongolians, americans, and koreans. Wow.

Studied this week about being "blessed." Sounds pretty good. I was
especially impressed by Jacob 5:70-77. That's written about me, in
case you were wondering. One of those few servants who were called to
labor in the vineyard. And now the time is short, and the end is nigh.
(two months?!?!) But we labor with our might. And the Lord labors with
us also. What an incredible privilege. So we GO HARD.
And await the day when the Lord shall say:

"blessed art thou; for because ye have been diligent in laboring with
me in my vineyard, and have kept my commandments, ... behold ye shall
have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard."

Until then.....


Elder Smith, 6'5" went to MIT

Monday, May 11, 2015

Are you from Utah?

May 10,  2015

For pday we went to a massive electric vehicle convention. Great day, definitely satisfied my inner tech geek side. Best part? We had to sign up and state the company we represented. So....we walked around all day with big "LDS Church" name tags. In addition to our missionary tags. And we found a guy from sweden who stopped us "Are you from utah?" niceeeee.

Elder Fulthorp and I have continued getting up early to study more. Definitely feeling the dividends. 

Transfer calls! I'm heading to Sinchon for my last two transfers! That's where the temple is. Smack dab in the middle of Seoul. TONS of people. Yessssss. 

Our adorable old man investigator, Brother Lee, came to church this week! He really really needs hearing aids, but a member sat by him and wrote tons of stuff down in a notebook for him to read. And they smothered him with love. He said "It's really a good system. Really feels like a family. Very warm." 

Picked up a pretty cool new investigator this week, Brother Joo-hyeong. He had some serious questions about repentance. Sounds like he's made some mistakes in his life and wants to be rid of them. "Can those things, those feelings, really go away?"

Yes. Yes they can. Because our Savior Jesus Christ bore the weight of all our sins, sorrows, transgressions, we can become clean from them. The burden of that guilt and shame can be replaced with peace and cleanliness. It's not as easy as just saying "I believe." but it's possible through the gospel Christ gave us. 

Repentance and Christ's atonement is a gift that blesses my life every single day. If keep falling short. But I keep reaching forward. Like brad wilcox said, "He doesn't fill the gap, He fills us." 

It's an incredible privilege to be able to bear that sacred testimony to people here! 

love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

a couple who used to live in my home stake MT Vernon!
-probably the most legendary and respected korean saint, first mission pres, stake pres, general authority, translated the Book of Mormon.

Monday, May 4, 2015

And the truth shall set you free

May 4,  2015


Busy week, an abnormal amount of sit-down, actual lessons, making me
realize how bad of teachers we are. Despite how much we role play, we
just don't teach enough. It's a miracles that people still get
baptized, despite poor korean and confusing teaching. A definite
testament that it's not us doing the work.
But some solid progress with the investigators. We should hopefully
get some to church this week!

Met a really SWEET guy from ghana. Abraham. I've never taught an
african before, but in our mission africans and chinese are the money
demographic. Super prepared to accept the restored gospel. Abraham
knows the bible super well. Every verse we quoted, he finished.
Committed to read and pray about the book of mormon and get baptized
when he knows it's true. Pretty cool.
Also, it's really good that we don't teach in english very often.
Whenever I teach in english I start to get really passionate and
excited and make lots of hand motions. And sometimes get really
intense. Never fails to make my companions laugh :)

Elder Fulthorp and I discussed consecration the other day. We both
realized we'd slipped a little and were talking too freely about
home/the world/other interesting intellectual topics. I know that my
thoughts are definitely not as focused as they have been before. So I
had MUCHHHH repenting to do. I actually felt really bad. But we made
the decision to re-consecrate. And the next day we saw a huge
 We didn't have to make a big change in ourselves, but the result was
incredible. We worked so much harder. We saw so many more miracles. It
was like all the prepared people in ilsan just decided to run into us
that day. And I felt an increased passion for the work. AHHH. Grateful
I can repent and get better each day.

I know that the Lord wants our all. Not just now, but forever. When we
center our lives on Him and His will, we will get all that we want.
As our african brother Abraham told us:
Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free:John 8:32;

There's nothing more liberating then discerning the Lord's will, and
giving up all we have to Him.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hugging General Authorities!

April 27,  2015

Fun week this week. Lots of different situations. Teaching a man about patience and Christ over a $150 steak dinner. Teaching another young man about Lehi's vision, drawing the tree of life on McDonald's napkins.

 Picked up a cool new investigator. Has lots of doubts about korean churches, and lots of good questions. And raises tarantulas. Thihks they're cute. 

Mission Tour with the Asia North Area President, President Ringwood! 
(You might remember his talk about shiblon in conference.) 
Yup. He's even better in person. Such an impressive man. Just radiated with spiritual power. And he had all of our names memorized. When I asked a question, he called me by name. From wayyyy to far away to read my name tag. Poignant lesson.

He also said a lot of very nice things about President Christensen, "I say this very seriously, we wish all of the asia north mission presidents could be like president christensen." Wow. 

President talked about racing, showing a video of a college runner who started celebrating before he finished and got passed. "Don't celebrate before you're done!" He testified that it was a mission that taught him how to work hard. "I've worked the past 20yrs as surgeon, doing 90hr weeks." Wow. Such a pillar of spiritual conviction, success, hard work, and wisdom. So grateful for him. 

Then I got to get interviewed by President Ringwood, a huge privilege. Even cooler when you consider I also got interviewed by Elder Whiting last year.  As usual, I bragged about my family and we talked about missionary work. He answered all my questions, without me even asking them. General Authorities ARE men called of God, and God grants them revelation for us.

This is Christ's true church. And He leads it today through His servants. 

Also, I hugged him. And he's probably hugged President Monson. Soooo transversely.....I've basically hugged the prophet. Niceeee. 

Love you all!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Piano Guys

April 20,  2015

Lots of fun with drunk friends this week.
A man comes swaggering up to us and starts yelling.We think "ahhh we've seen this before..." but then we listen "soo I don't care if you're wrong or right, just be true. GO! Go! Go be good joseph smiths! Once a marine, always a marine!" hmmmm ok. Then last night on the subway a man was curled up and just swearing angrily at nobody, reallyyyy loudly. Then the best: I walk up to a guy and he just yells "AH! Come here. Kiss for daddy! Give daddy a kiss!" He grabs my face, trying to press his two alcohol splattered smoochers against my lips. I turn so he just gets my cheek and then politely wish him a good day. 

Never drink. EVER. please....

Great stuff with investigators though:
Brother Kang-cool english program college age kid, looks at our commitments as homework so he always does them. started praying for the first time in his life!
Brother 'anchor star"- yeah his name literal means anchor star....SUPER golden. "I just want to be a good christian. what's the first step?" agreed to get baptized next month. 
Brother Lee- the most humble 76yr old korean I know. Came to our second lesson with the pamphlet noted, marked, and with questions. NICE.

The work's movin! 

now.....PIANO GUYS! If you don't know who there are...look here. In the top ten youtube channels......
Two of them served in korea...and they came last night! They have a huge concert tonight, but they did a fireside last night. INCREDIBLE. Not only are they ridiculously good musicians, but they are surprisingly spiritual. They say they pray before, during, after every song, shoot they do. Especially when they're doing gospel songs. They really are using their talents to be a witness of Christ. They talked about some crazy miracles they've seen. wow....

love you all! 

Cole is sitting down in the middle

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Because I love God with all my heart

April 13,  2015

One of our zone commitments this month is "family scripture study and prayer." So every night at 10:15, we get together and read from the Book of Mormon together. Just like the real thing, it's hard, sometimes the kids are rowdy, sometimes we're late, but it's ALWAYS an incredible experience. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It changes mine everyday. And we see so many miracles sharing it.

We've been out of korean books for a long time. So this week we just went out with english ones, praying to find someone to give it to. I meet a kid, from ELLICOT CITY MARYLAND. Wow. What a cool miracle. Yup, he walked away with a copy of God's word, committed to ask Him if it's true. 

We got a really cool new investigator, referred to us from my old companion Elder South. Brother Lee, 76, is one of the most humble people I've ever met. Lost his wife 20yrs ago, is catholic, but has many doubts, lots of questions, and is interested in the mormon perspective. WOW. It's like he's straight out of PMG.....

GENERAL CONFERENCE. We tell people: "what if, hypothetically, God talked to a couple of guys, and then they had a press conference about what He said. Would you want to hear it?" 
YUP. 10hrs of what God has to say to man. SO good. \

Really liked Elder Renlund's address about "Saints are sinners who keep on trying." 
It was like Heavenly Father was speaking straight to me. 
Also, Elder Ringwood's talk about not judging others. 
Elder Ballard, RM does not mean retired mormon. After two years of focusing on serving others, why go back to just focusing on myself and school? 

Pres Uchtdorf was my favorite. I really liked what he said about loving the Lord. 
And I thought, yes, that IS why I'm here. Because I love God with all my heart. 

Love you all too! 
Elder Rosenberg

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

April 6,  2015

This week was great! I've been a little off my game the past few
weeks, not really sure what, but just not 100%. Interesting to
recognize that the natural man will always be a struggle. We will
always be tempted to do less than our best. Of course 90% now is still
way better than 100% a few transfers ago. But that doesn't matter. The
Lord wants my all. I need to ALWAYS give 100%.

Just grateful that I could see myself getting a little better each day
this week. Lots of prayer, lots of repentance, lots of hard work.

Had a fun day this week. All our appointments canceled, and it rained. of those lovely 12pm to 9pm street contacting days,
interrupted only by an hour dinner break. Well, there weren't a lot of
people to talk to in the rain, but we talked with everyone that
decided to venture outside! All 141 of them. So fun. We focused on
really trying to teach on the street. We had role played sharing a
teaching a lesson in comp study, but then the appointment canceled.
So, we taught the whole thing to a guy on the street. Super cool. Like
Sister Christensen taught us, "We don't role play just to practice, we
role play to receive revelation." As we applied the revelation we have
received in role play, it truly softened that man's heart.

A sister got baptized this week! One of our recent converts referred
his girlfriend and baptized her on sunday! NICE. "No matter how bad my
day was, whenever I came to church or met the missionaries, I always
left with peace in my heart."

Fun time translating for the Sister Christensen's relatives that came
to visit Sunday. Just sat behind them and translated sacrament
meeting. Wow. Tough. And a lot of testimonies were great in korean,
but in english/western thinking, were really really weird. Like the
detailed description of a beggar with no arms or legs. Fun though.

At the end, I got up and bore my testimony. Just a simple witness of
Jesus Christ, His resurrection, and the joy of sharing His gospel. For
the 5 foreigners there, I finished my testimony in english. Wow. There
is something so powerful about being able to testify in your native
language. But even speaking english made me realize how hard it is to
convey in words the things I believe.

I think the words of hymn express it better:

Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
"I know that my Redeemer lives!"
He lives! All glory to his name!
He lives, my Savior, still the same.
Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
"I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg
--the new mormon website is incredible.

--the baptism!

sometimes I feel like that too......hardcore days......

Monday, March 30, 2015

Seeing the finger of God

March 30,  2015


It's been a crazy week, full of fun!

We had the chance to go to the temple this week, always my favorite.
wow. we're so lucky. That's also when the missionaries about to go
home give their final testimonies. We're starting to have lots of
missionaries going home, so it's cool to hear all the powerful
President also said some really powerful things. He said sometimes we
wish we could be like the brother of Jared and see the finger of God
touching the stones. He says that while he doesn't see the stones, he
definitely sees the finger. He watches the Lord touch each one of our
lives, changing us, making us into who He needs us to become.
I've definitely felt the Lord's hand in my life, I've felt the change.

We had a bunch of new investigators this week! The drought is over!
One of them was a super cool guy who had no religion but said "Wow. I
think this mormon thing is the religion for me!" He had looked us up
on the internet, which is how we usually lose people here,but he
actually found some really good things! NICE.

I've been reading all of PMG in korean for language study (which
sounds weak if you're spanish serving, but is actually effective study
for us). I'm in chapter 9, about finding, and I came across one of my
favorite scriptures from alma 31.

 "34 O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in
bringing them again unto thee in Christ.

 35 Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are our
brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we
may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee."

I as I read that out loud in korean, I was suddenly just filled with
the spirit. I LOVE these people. They are my brethren. And they are SO
precious to the Lord, and to me. There is nothing more fulfilling than
laboring for their salvation. So great.

So we're setting goals to be better this coming transfer! Got to go
harder, farther, faster! The clock is running down.....

love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

--random paint brush in the middle of seoul

--korean size.

-the king who invented the korean alphabet. genius.

Monday, March 23, 2015

"I'm trying to be like MoTab"

March 23,  2015

The ilsan ward choir finally performed the 2 month practiced "I'm trying to be like Jesus" at ward conference this week. In the US, choir is like pee-wee league: everyone's nice, you just do it if you feel like it or if you get guilted into it, and you get snacks if you're lucky. In Korea? It's the NFL. We practice for 2 hours at a time and we go hard. If you sing off key, they'll single you out, they'll find you. No mistakes. No substitutes.

The weather's getting nice! That means two things: people are nicer, and other churches are getting more active. They've got people claiming to be the returned Savior, They've got people with crosses strapped to their backs, and They've got people with mega phones. We may be out numbered. But we've never out gunned!

Been focusing a lot on love this week. A district leader gave us the commitment to love those that reject us. (pray for them that hate you, bless them that wrong you, etc). Well, the next day, we were faced with a fairly unprecedented streak of rejection. For over an hour we couldn't find ANYONE who'd talk to us. And trust me, we go hard. My natural man response to such a time is to just running after people that try to escape, to chase people into buildings, and all sorts of zealot-ness.

Instead, we tried to show more love, to pray for them, to be extra kind. Then in the next few hours, the miracles started to happen. I met an old man walking backwards. So I walked forwards and talked to him as he kept stepping away from me. Unfortunately he was convinced we were heretics and wouldn't accept a Book of Mormon. So I wished a fine day and immediately stopped the next man and started to teach, but then the backwards man, now sprinting forward came back. "Actually, can I have that book?" 
Then another man, after hearing a brief spiel about the Book of Mormon wanted to sit down immediately and talk about it. WOW. That's pretty rare. He responded to our love by being super open and understanding, despite being 70 yrs old. 
Then that evening on the way home, we were long out of Book of Mormons, we met a man who really wanted one. So we ran to the house and grabbed him a copy. 
And another guy had bought an english copy off amazon .com and really wanted a korean one. 

It was incredible to see how people responded as we strove to increase our love. The Lord blessed us with challenges to stretch our hearts, then filled them with charity. Super cool. 
Christ's love is all consuming. It's strong enough to overcome rejection, to overcome disappointment, to overcome all. If we seek it with all our hearts, we will not come away wanting. 

I really love the Lord. And I really love His people here.

Love you all! 
Elder Rosenberg

-delicious japanese food. vaguely familiar though, I think Dad/Mom have made it at home before....

-"Wow Rosenberg. I was shocked at how handsome you were." 

sweet tie clip one of my beloved companions gave me!  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Run the Race!

March 16,  2015

Sweeet service project this week helping old handicapped people. My friend couldn't write his own name, but had notebooks full of perfectly transcribed bible passages. Crazy.

Daniel dropped, so that's no fun. But we did enjoy a $50 a person italian meal together in parting. Wow. most expensive thing I've ever eaten. First time having steak in yearsssss. 

Lots of time spent this week working with other missionaries. Lots of counseling, training, lifting vision, working hard. It's tough. Way harder than just working hard yourself. It makes me really feel for a mish pres. I'm straining just trying to handle 25missionaries problems, he has to handle 250. wow. 
Also, doing lots of korean testing. We have sort of pass off program for korean that new missionaries have to complete. So lots of helping new missionaries and teaching korean. 

And our ward had a baptism! Actually I lady I found in a 3-some two transfers ago, and taught a few times on exchanges. super cool. the elders were looking for a lessactive's house, but then found a different lessactive in the process. then over time his wife ended up being interested. and BOOM. she's now on the path back to Heavenly Father! 

I've been thinking a lot recently about how the mission is like a marathon. Dad and I did a marathon. It We didn't prepare as well as we could have, and it HURT! Of course we finished, but the race it's self wasn't super fun, lots of pain. We will all run the marathon of a mission. And by the end, runners figure it out and start to run fast. But for those who didn't prepare very hurts. A lot. And they experience a lot of pain. And they don't run very fast at first. But for the runner who trained a lot before the race, he can explode from the blocks, never losing ground, never looking back. And it's a lot more fun for him. He changes a lot. He grows a lot. And it's still a marathon. It's still hard. But it's so FUN! And he's happy, and loves it. 

Just really realizing the importance of preparation. And I'm so grateful that I did a little running before the marathon. 

Love. this. life.
Elder Rosenberg

the remains of delicious chicken and red pepper sauce. yum. 

I think I"m full

Monday, March 9, 2015

More work=more desire

March 9,  2015

I came up with this theory one time when I was really sick for two weeks. "The more you do missionary work, the more your desire increases." After two weeks of not doing anything, I didn't really feel like going out and talking to people. "Ugh." But of course I manned up and did it anyway. And BOOM. After two days I was super happy and had tons of desire.
Missionary work is not all sunshines and rainbows. And sometimes you don't feel like talking to people. But following the "work/desire postulate" whenever I feel like that, I hurry and talk to the first person I see and go super hard. And BOOM. I suddenly feel like Alma and want to trumpet truth to all the world. 
Yup. It's the best. 

We were teaching a guy this week and he asked us for advice. He was living with a bunch of roommates and they were messy and he scolded them sharply and felt really bad about it. So we whip out D&C 121:43. "Now, so they know you don't hate them, show more love to them!" Blew.His.Mind. "Give me another one!" So we went back and forth pulling out scriptures and blowing his mind. It's all in there. All the answers. Just got to look! 

Met a fun guy this week from a church called "신천지" or "new world." They're famous for going undercover into other churches and asking really hard questions and bible bashing the pastor in front of his congregation, destroying churches from the inside. So most churches actually have signs prohibiting them, warning that they'll call the police. Well, he was happy to talk to me. He had a friend who was mormon, who'd given him "several copies" of the Book of Mormon. Good friend. We didn't bash, but we did have a great discussion about the gospel. And though I don't know the book of revelations or korean as well as him......I do have actual priesthood authority and the spirit of God on my side. Once again we learn, that if the mormons are being nice, humble, and seeking the spirit, you'll NEVER beat them. Lots of faulty logic and arguments based on incorrect knowledge of bible history. Nice guy though. But as I told him, the most important thing is the witness of the Holy Ghost.

We don't learn truth from men. We don't prove our church through logic, history, clever arguments. We don't have to prove it. Any honest seeker of truth will have it proved to them by the Holy Ghost. That's why I can say that I know this church is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That's why I know Jesus Christ is my savior. Not because of clever biblical interpretation, but because I've asked God and I've learn it through the Holy Ghost. 

That's how we drop the hammer. 

Elder Rosenberg

Monday, March 2, 2015

Drop the hammer

March 1,  2015

Ahhh, great week this week! We met on of our super high potential, yet super risky investigators this week, michele. He punked an appointment, has no phone, and lives in a bathhouse, so he's a little hard to find. But we ran into him in the library, turns out his court case is over, he gets his money back, and is heading back to france soon. But....he wants to get baptized before he goes. Good choice.

Also, brother Gyu-Seong, a sort of wild card, one armed brother I've only met twice over the past 3 transfers. He came to church this week! His comments, "This doesn't seem like a church. A church just has a worship room where you listen to the pastor speak. You've got allll kinds of other classes going on. And no pastor. Hmmm." Definitely understandable, considering that he attended the biggest single church in the world for 30 yrs. Weekly attendance of 200,000 people. CRAZY. 

D&C71. Soooo I met this really nice divinity student from 'the church of God' a veryyyy interesting religion mostly found only in korea. He was out proselyting and asked if I had time to hear a message about the sabbath day. (1st mistake. PMG says not to ask if they have time. Just testify.) "Of course" heheheh. Long story a very nice, non bible bashing way, I "dropped the hammer." Poor kid. It ended with "The Holy Ghost testifes of truth, and you feel it when someone speaks truth. I know you feel it right now because THIS IS TRUE." Super powerful. wow..... We will never be confounded before men. 

Daniel. He's at the point now where he says he'll be baptized if he feels the Book of Mormon is really true. And he means it. 

Here are my thoughts on the Book of Mormon: 

Many times I've prayed to know if it's true, asking God with faith, sincere heart, real intent, the whole deal. And very few times have I received an immediate powerful spiritual manifestation. That "warm fuzzy feeling" comes to very few of us. Like the young prospector looking for gold, I have sought and found few of those 'fist sized nuggets.' Rather, I have, like the old prospector, collected an innumerable amount of little flecks of gold, the sum total of which is a priceless treasure to my soul. Looking back, I see the gold. It's undeniable. I have a surety that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And with that comes a witness that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith is His prophet, and this church is His church. 

So look for the little flecks of gold....

Elder Rosenberg


--costco pizza

--the best purchase of my life. remember these beans, mom?