Monday, January 5, 2015

"But I have no money to give you?"

January 5,  2015

In the middle of a prayer with a 90yr old grandpa, he stops me "I'm
really grateful that you're praying for me and all, but like....I've
got no money to give you for it." HAHAHA. We all stifled laughter as I
hurried and finished.

Just another day in the best place on earth! It's been a week of so
many miracles.

We partied hard for new years, stayed up til 10:30, then prayed and
went to bed. Fun huh? But in english class, we taught all about new
years traditions. One grandpa brought up the midnight kiss thing. "So
I can..(reaches and grabs the younger lady next to him) kiss ANYONE?"
She wasn't impressed. We wanted to bring a treat too, so we taught
about the hot chocolate tradition. (We drink hot chocolate around new
years...right?) They lovedddd drinking the authentic american cocoa
that an elder's mom sent.

Met a guy on the street, in his super expensive car. Turns out he's
pretty famous. "There is no one who doesn't know me! You're foreigners
so it's okay not to know, but every korean knows me!" He's the pro
soccer director for korea. Famous, but not thatttt famous. Ilsan does
have lots of famous people though. They were shooting a TV show on the
street the other day, we were at a cafe with a famous comedian at the
next table, and there's always lots of limos.

Greatest miracle of the week? Sister Oh. We teach her husband, who's
less active and now mentally handicapped. She doesn't like us, but
after lots of service, finally sat down to listen one time. We taught
about the Book of Mormon and bore lots of testimony. Turns out she's
super interested. She read some of the Book of Mormon and showed up at
church. Our awesome relief society sisters did so good fellowshipping.
"see you next week." "ok!"

The Lord leads us to find people in strange ways. But He's preparing
soooo many to hear and accept His gospel. We can't judge who's ready.
We have to just try our best and reach out to everyone.

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

-mashed potatoes, gravy, kimchi. YUM

--possibly the tallest apartments in korea. 59 stories.

new years party with intermediate english class!

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