Monday, January 19, 2015

Happiness must be earned, but it's worth it! -Pres Benson

January 19,  2015

Life is good in Ilsan!!! Wooohoo!

At the bathhouse last pday, I was just relaxing in the mint tea pool
when I hear a cry "Ros.....Rosenberg!?!?" Yup. It's wilson, a 60yr old
member of our english class. So of course I jump out of the pool, run
up and shake the incredulously proffered hand. " public
bathhouse!? You look like native korean!" We'll leave the story at
that. But in korean culture, our relationship just improved a ton.

Zone Training Meeting was super good this week. It's fun to see how
much better we get at training as time goes by. I'm sure  my first
district meetings must have been SO boring. But this one was GREAT.
Elder South is so good. President had us focusing on baptismal
invitations this month, and we felt that our zone needed that baddd.
So we trained a bunch on inviting people to be baptized on the street.
Super fun.

The result? Our zone invited about 100 people to be baptized this
week, most on the street. And in 4 days, we went from 1 to 9 baptismal
dates. WHOOO!

President is truly inspired, and if we follow our leaders we will be
blessed. It's a blessing to get to train, to seek the inspiration of
the spirit in applying president's counsel to our zone.

As we invite everyone we can to experience the blessings of baptism,
we show the Lord He can trust us. So He puts more prepared people in
our path, ie: DANIEL.

We met Daniel on the street, the first thing he says to us "Are you
mormons? I'm actually really interested in your religion." He studied
in Maine, had a mormon roommate, went to church and met missionaries
in america. Asked us all about baptism, what he should wear to church,

"So Daniel, what makes you so interested in this religion?" "Well, I'm
just tired of living like I have no purpose, I have hard things in my
life, and I feel like mormon has the answers. I think I can find
people who can support me there."

WHAT? I've never ever met someone that prepared on my entire mission.
Those stories just come from the ensign!

There are those people out there. We have to prove to the Lord that He
can trust us, and we'll find them!

my english is getting really bad. I was trying to ask president
christensen for permission to read "teaching no great call"
least he said yes

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