Monday, January 12, 2015

Change of Heart

January 12, 2015

Wow. it's been a crazy week.

We got a call friday morning from the ward, telling us that a Brother
Lee was getting baptized on saturday, so we needed to interview him
saturday morning before the service. WHOA. Brother Lee is the husband
of a sister in our ward, and has been an investigator on and off for
about 10 years. As of last week he had NO intention of getting
baptized. But the ward and his family is really pressuring him to get
baptized so he can baptize his son who just turned 8.

Needless to say, we were super worried. "what if he's just doing it
because of the pressure? what if he doesn't pass the interview? he
still needs to be taught lessons 4 and 5? ahhhhhh?!?!" "This will
either be the biggest miracle of the century, or the biggest offense
against the ward, in history."

The bishopric asked that instead of the missionaries regularly
teaching him, that Elder South and I teach him the last lesson. So we
met saturday morning, taught the 4 and 5th lesson, he was interviewed
by another missionary right after, and he was baptized a few hours
later. Brother Lee was confirmed sunday, got the priesthood and will
baptize his son next week.

wow. As Elder South and I sat down to teach him, it was apparent he
was ready. Despite our concerns, the spirit filled the room and we
could feel this man's change of heart. He'd been doing a lot of
praying and reading this week with his family. And though he doesn't
have a perfect knowledge, he has the desire. He wants a happier
family, he wants to be a better person, and most importantly, he wants
to follow Jesus Christ. That's what it's about.

When he went into the water, the spirit was soooo strong. And his
daughter just started jumping up and down and cheering. so cute.
That's the happy family that the gospel brings.

It's been a crazy week. Elder South and I are going and seeing
miracles. Pounding the streets and confounding.

love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

brother Lee

my threesome comps from last week

the studying korean face

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