Monday, February 23, 2015

"Mormons are scary, but sooo good looking!"

February 23,  2015

Had a guy tell me this week "Mormons? ohhh they're really scary.
really scary." "Hmmm do I look scary?" [couldn't respond so he quickly
switches subjects.] "But why do they only send handsome missionaries?
Like I've been to america. There are some [holds out hands to imitate
being fat] UGLYYYYYY people in america...."

It's the heart that counts.

This week was 설날! Or lunar new years. So the whole country goes back
to their hometowns and celebrates with family and remembers their
ancestors. Pretty cool holiday.

So that slowed the work down a little.

We went to Seoul for a big combined zone conference. And
watched.....MEET THE MORMONS! Wow. Incredibly well made. A couple take
aways: 1) Our faith is not just a sunday activity. It permeates every
aspect of our lifes, all the way to our very character. It's what we
do, it's who we are, it's the way we live. 2) Humanitarianism. Wow.
The brother from nepal for whom service is his job. The candy bomber
who found ways to go above and beyond. Wow. Really rings true with me.
Building schools/infrastructure in developing nations? Loveee to do
something like that. We'll see.

Always fun to meet with lots of missionaries, feel the power. Then go
out and WORK.

Took an investigator a baptism service this week. The man who was
baptized is from Cambodia. Doesn't speak korean. Doesn't really speak
english. They taught by just reading out of the Cambodian
pamphlets/Book of Mormon. Huge miracle. How could this church not be

One of our investigators, Daniel, finished first nephi! He was
impressed by nephi's patience. "I don't know if I could be that
patient with my brothers." Yeah, me neither. But it's an incredible
example! That's what the Book of Mormon's about. Ancient prophets,
speaking the Lord's word, all for our day and age! Love it. And it's

President said something really interesting at our conference.
"Not everyone who sets the goal makes it, but everyone who makes it,
set the goal."
We've got to aim high, we've got to push ourselves, we've got to
dream. That's what hope and faith are all about. We push for things
not seen, but that we hope for. Set that goal.

love you all!

--Nooooo the sisters that started with me are all back home now!

--We're making a youtube video: When I read the Book of Mormon....I'm
filled with a brighter hope!

-sooo close. but it's not the worldly wisdom that will save
you...word of wisdom!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Power of 3

Feb 16,  2015

It's been a solid week, being in a threesome of missionaries. Fun to
watch them change and get more excited. One said "All we've been doing
is street contacting allll day, but it's so much fun! I don't get
it!?" Raise vision, get in the game! We talked to SOOO many people.
hundreds a day. And with two areas worth of investigators, we had lots
of teaching opportunties. That gave us lots of chances to evaluate
using "SAIL" from zone training. I also started what I call "stop
biker proselyting." It's been raised to about 75% effective. If you
yell and wave loud enough you can get most bikers to skid to a stop
and see what the crazy white guy wants. YES.

Open your mouth. Be happy.

Also the other elders got locked out of their dressing room. So, we
went at it with a stack of old credit cards. SUCCESS. I'm currently 3
for 3 with lock picking here.

One day we had 4 sit down lessons with people. Super cool to see them
get progressively better as we evaluated after each one and tried to
improve. Better questions, better listening, better teaching. These
people deserve the BEST chance to accept the message. We have a huge
burden to be excellent teachers. ahhhhhh.

Daniel. We had two of the best lessons ever with him this week.
Previously he's been pretty doubtful about everything, a little
controversial, and a little hard to teach. But in an incredible
spiritual lesson, we saw him soften. As we read from enos together
about pouring your soul out to God, he really connected. Then on
sunday at church we watched the restoration and rather than criticing
the video, he commented on how much more he wanted to read the Book of
Mormon now. Joseph's quest for truth really touched him. Super cool to
see how his heart is softening. Two weeks ago, prayer was almost
impossible for him, now he's prayed every night for the past few days.
He is being changed, little by little.
I'm SO grateful for his mormon friend who got him started on this path....

Transfer calls. I'm staying. My new companion is australian, and from
my MTC district! Elder Fulthorp! WHHOOO!

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

lock picking professional

Monday, February 9, 2015

It's not where you serve, but how!

February 6,  2015

Obviously korea's the BEST place to serve, but regardless of where,
it's how that matters most.

We went to the Korean War Museum after the temple this week.
Incredible experience. Really gained a greater appreciation for the
people of this country. Despite a long history of occupation and war
and ruin, they've preserved a very unique language and culture. And
despite being totally devastated not too many years ago, they've
become one of the world's strongest economic powers. WOW. Sacrifice of
the individual for society, diligence, hard work, the desire for
unity. Makes a lot more sense now. oh, how I love this place and this

Exchanges with the assistants to the president! I got to go with my
trainer, Elder Jeong Ji-Ho. He goes home in a week. It felt like I was
a new missionary again, except I could understand what was going on.
Ah so fun. Learned so much. He's such a good teacher.

Fun News! Elder South is leaving tonight to report to the office as
the new AP! Sister Christensen called me the AP trainer yesterday.
Yes, he's the second of probably 3 who will go AP. But it's sad! We
served for longer in the MTC together. I've learned so much from him,
different proselyting styles, gained a great motivation to study
korean, learned to better interpret and analyze stats. AHhhh. But the
mission needs him for than I do... alas....

Stake conference was great this week. Really felt the spirit and
received SO much revelation. A returned missionary spoke and it was
super powerful: The command to open your mouth is not a command to
just go and proselyte more. It's a command to be happy, to be filled
with the spirit, to feel God's love. When we open our mouths, we are

This transfer, I've opened my mouth more than ever, we've talked to
SOOO many people. And you know what? I am SUPER HAPPY! I've come to
know even more surely that this IS His work. Christ does live and he
does love us. This is His restored church. Every day that fact becomes
more sure in my mind.

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg

Korean War Memorial

Tacky Tourists

Monday, February 2, 2015

Z.O.L.O!--About half the missionaries who came to korea with me. The sisters go home an a couple weeks!!!!

February 2,  2015

Zolo. Well, not actually an acronym for anything, but rather the name
of a super cool Mongolian brother who came to church!

We get a call sunday morning during choir practice, "Hey, this
mongolian member is at Tanhyeon station and wants to go to church."
Turns out he's here on vacation, been here for 2months, and met a
couple elders on the street. "You're the mormons right?" "yup. you're
baptized right?" "Yup." Didn't speak any korean, and but his english
was pretty good. So we 'translated' church, by teaching whatever we
felt like in very simple terms. Turns out his parents did a total 180
when they converted, his little brother went on a mission, but Zolo's
a little less active. But he knew that "this place is the right place.
the place where I can make good choices."
Such a cool guy.

The most striking thing he said, "When I'm close to the church I make
good choices, when I"m far, I sometimes make bad ones." So true. The
closer we are to our Savior, the more we want to do and be good. It's
a ennobling, enlightening influence that fills our whole being with
goodness. Our desires are changed, our will to do only good increases.
So cool.

We're killing it out here. Despite most of two days being taken up by
president interviews, we still talked with almost 350 people. That's
double what I've averaged on my mission. But now we're trying to
really focus on finding with more power, really teaching the doctrine.

Just a miracle month for our zone and our mission as a whole. As we
all stepped up to invite more people to be baptized our mission
doubled our baptismal dates. Incredible. Today in mission leadership
council as each zone reported on the last month, the spirit was SO
strong. The Lord is truly pouring His blessings out over korea.

This gospel is true. And it is a privelege to share it.

Elder Rosenberg
--About half the missionaries who came to korea with me. The sisters
go home an a couple weeks!!!!