Monday, February 23, 2015

"Mormons are scary, but sooo good looking!"

February 23,  2015

Had a guy tell me this week "Mormons? ohhh they're really scary.
really scary." "Hmmm do I look scary?" [couldn't respond so he quickly
switches subjects.] "But why do they only send handsome missionaries?
Like I've been to america. There are some [holds out hands to imitate
being fat] UGLYYYYYY people in america...."

It's the heart that counts.

This week was 설날! Or lunar new years. So the whole country goes back
to their hometowns and celebrates with family and remembers their
ancestors. Pretty cool holiday.

So that slowed the work down a little.

We went to Seoul for a big combined zone conference. And
watched.....MEET THE MORMONS! Wow. Incredibly well made. A couple take
aways: 1) Our faith is not just a sunday activity. It permeates every
aspect of our lifes, all the way to our very character. It's what we
do, it's who we are, it's the way we live. 2) Humanitarianism. Wow.
The brother from nepal for whom service is his job. The candy bomber
who found ways to go above and beyond. Wow. Really rings true with me.
Building schools/infrastructure in developing nations? Loveee to do
something like that. We'll see.

Always fun to meet with lots of missionaries, feel the power. Then go
out and WORK.

Took an investigator a baptism service this week. The man who was
baptized is from Cambodia. Doesn't speak korean. Doesn't really speak
english. They taught by just reading out of the Cambodian
pamphlets/Book of Mormon. Huge miracle. How could this church not be

One of our investigators, Daniel, finished first nephi! He was
impressed by nephi's patience. "I don't know if I could be that
patient with my brothers." Yeah, me neither. But it's an incredible
example! That's what the Book of Mormon's about. Ancient prophets,
speaking the Lord's word, all for our day and age! Love it. And it's

President said something really interesting at our conference.
"Not everyone who sets the goal makes it, but everyone who makes it,
set the goal."
We've got to aim high, we've got to push ourselves, we've got to
dream. That's what hope and faith are all about. We push for things
not seen, but that we hope for. Set that goal.

love you all!

--Nooooo the sisters that started with me are all back home now!

--We're making a youtube video: When I read the Book of Mormon....I'm
filled with a brighter hope!

-sooo close. but it's not the worldly wisdom that will save
you...word of wisdom!

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