Monday, February 2, 2015

Z.O.L.O!--About half the missionaries who came to korea with me. The sisters go home an a couple weeks!!!!

February 2,  2015

Zolo. Well, not actually an acronym for anything, but rather the name
of a super cool Mongolian brother who came to church!

We get a call sunday morning during choir practice, "Hey, this
mongolian member is at Tanhyeon station and wants to go to church."
Turns out he's here on vacation, been here for 2months, and met a
couple elders on the street. "You're the mormons right?" "yup. you're
baptized right?" "Yup." Didn't speak any korean, and but his english
was pretty good. So we 'translated' church, by teaching whatever we
felt like in very simple terms. Turns out his parents did a total 180
when they converted, his little brother went on a mission, but Zolo's
a little less active. But he knew that "this place is the right place.
the place where I can make good choices."
Such a cool guy.

The most striking thing he said, "When I'm close to the church I make
good choices, when I"m far, I sometimes make bad ones." So true. The
closer we are to our Savior, the more we want to do and be good. It's
a ennobling, enlightening influence that fills our whole being with
goodness. Our desires are changed, our will to do only good increases.
So cool.

We're killing it out here. Despite most of two days being taken up by
president interviews, we still talked with almost 350 people. That's
double what I've averaged on my mission. But now we're trying to
really focus on finding with more power, really teaching the doctrine.

Just a miracle month for our zone and our mission as a whole. As we
all stepped up to invite more people to be baptized our mission
doubled our baptismal dates. Incredible. Today in mission leadership
council as each zone reported on the last month, the spirit was SO
strong. The Lord is truly pouring His blessings out over korea.

This gospel is true. And it is a privelege to share it.

Elder Rosenberg
--About half the missionaries who came to korea with me. The sisters
go home an a couple weeks!!!!

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