Monday, March 2, 2015

Drop the hammer

March 1,  2015

Ahhh, great week this week! We met on of our super high potential, yet super risky investigators this week, michele. He punked an appointment, has no phone, and lives in a bathhouse, so he's a little hard to find. But we ran into him in the library, turns out his court case is over, he gets his money back, and is heading back to france soon. But....he wants to get baptized before he goes. Good choice.

Also, brother Gyu-Seong, a sort of wild card, one armed brother I've only met twice over the past 3 transfers. He came to church this week! His comments, "This doesn't seem like a church. A church just has a worship room where you listen to the pastor speak. You've got allll kinds of other classes going on. And no pastor. Hmmm." Definitely understandable, considering that he attended the biggest single church in the world for 30 yrs. Weekly attendance of 200,000 people. CRAZY. 

D&C71. Soooo I met this really nice divinity student from 'the church of God' a veryyyy interesting religion mostly found only in korea. He was out proselyting and asked if I had time to hear a message about the sabbath day. (1st mistake. PMG says not to ask if they have time. Just testify.) "Of course" heheheh. Long story a very nice, non bible bashing way, I "dropped the hammer." Poor kid. It ended with "The Holy Ghost testifes of truth, and you feel it when someone speaks truth. I know you feel it right now because THIS IS TRUE." Super powerful. wow..... We will never be confounded before men. 

Daniel. He's at the point now where he says he'll be baptized if he feels the Book of Mormon is really true. And he means it. 

Here are my thoughts on the Book of Mormon: 

Many times I've prayed to know if it's true, asking God with faith, sincere heart, real intent, the whole deal. And very few times have I received an immediate powerful spiritual manifestation. That "warm fuzzy feeling" comes to very few of us. Like the young prospector looking for gold, I have sought and found few of those 'fist sized nuggets.' Rather, I have, like the old prospector, collected an innumerable amount of little flecks of gold, the sum total of which is a priceless treasure to my soul. Looking back, I see the gold. It's undeniable. I have a surety that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And with that comes a witness that Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith is His prophet, and this church is His church. 

So look for the little flecks of gold....

Elder Rosenberg


--costco pizza

--the best purchase of my life. remember these beans, mom?

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