Monday, March 23, 2015

"I'm trying to be like MoTab"

March 23,  2015

The ilsan ward choir finally performed the 2 month practiced "I'm trying to be like Jesus" at ward conference this week. In the US, choir is like pee-wee league: everyone's nice, you just do it if you feel like it or if you get guilted into it, and you get snacks if you're lucky. In Korea? It's the NFL. We practice for 2 hours at a time and we go hard. If you sing off key, they'll single you out, they'll find you. No mistakes. No substitutes.

The weather's getting nice! That means two things: people are nicer, and other churches are getting more active. They've got people claiming to be the returned Savior, They've got people with crosses strapped to their backs, and They've got people with mega phones. We may be out numbered. But we've never out gunned!

Been focusing a lot on love this week. A district leader gave us the commitment to love those that reject us. (pray for them that hate you, bless them that wrong you, etc). Well, the next day, we were faced with a fairly unprecedented streak of rejection. For over an hour we couldn't find ANYONE who'd talk to us. And trust me, we go hard. My natural man response to such a time is to just running after people that try to escape, to chase people into buildings, and all sorts of zealot-ness.

Instead, we tried to show more love, to pray for them, to be extra kind. Then in the next few hours, the miracles started to happen. I met an old man walking backwards. So I walked forwards and talked to him as he kept stepping away from me. Unfortunately he was convinced we were heretics and wouldn't accept a Book of Mormon. So I wished a fine day and immediately stopped the next man and started to teach, but then the backwards man, now sprinting forward came back. "Actually, can I have that book?" 
Then another man, after hearing a brief spiel about the Book of Mormon wanted to sit down immediately and talk about it. WOW. That's pretty rare. He responded to our love by being super open and understanding, despite being 70 yrs old. 
Then that evening on the way home, we were long out of Book of Mormons, we met a man who really wanted one. So we ran to the house and grabbed him a copy. 
And another guy had bought an english copy off amazon .com and really wanted a korean one. 

It was incredible to see how people responded as we strove to increase our love. The Lord blessed us with challenges to stretch our hearts, then filled them with charity. Super cool. 
Christ's love is all consuming. It's strong enough to overcome rejection, to overcome disappointment, to overcome all. If we seek it with all our hearts, we will not come away wanting. 

I really love the Lord. And I really love His people here.

Love you all! 
Elder Rosenberg

-delicious japanese food. vaguely familiar though, I think Dad/Mom have made it at home before....

-"Wow Rosenberg. I was shocked at how handsome you were." 

sweet tie clip one of my beloved companions gave me!  

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