Monday, March 9, 2015

More work=more desire

March 9,  2015

I came up with this theory one time when I was really sick for two weeks. "The more you do missionary work, the more your desire increases." After two weeks of not doing anything, I didn't really feel like going out and talking to people. "Ugh." But of course I manned up and did it anyway. And BOOM. After two days I was super happy and had tons of desire.
Missionary work is not all sunshines and rainbows. And sometimes you don't feel like talking to people. But following the "work/desire postulate" whenever I feel like that, I hurry and talk to the first person I see and go super hard. And BOOM. I suddenly feel like Alma and want to trumpet truth to all the world. 
Yup. It's the best. 

We were teaching a guy this week and he asked us for advice. He was living with a bunch of roommates and they were messy and he scolded them sharply and felt really bad about it. So we whip out D&C 121:43. "Now, so they know you don't hate them, show more love to them!" Blew.His.Mind. "Give me another one!" So we went back and forth pulling out scriptures and blowing his mind. It's all in there. All the answers. Just got to look! 

Met a fun guy this week from a church called "신천지" or "new world." They're famous for going undercover into other churches and asking really hard questions and bible bashing the pastor in front of his congregation, destroying churches from the inside. So most churches actually have signs prohibiting them, warning that they'll call the police. Well, he was happy to talk to me. He had a friend who was mormon, who'd given him "several copies" of the Book of Mormon. Good friend. We didn't bash, but we did have a great discussion about the gospel. And though I don't know the book of revelations or korean as well as him......I do have actual priesthood authority and the spirit of God on my side. Once again we learn, that if the mormons are being nice, humble, and seeking the spirit, you'll NEVER beat them. Lots of faulty logic and arguments based on incorrect knowledge of bible history. Nice guy though. But as I told him, the most important thing is the witness of the Holy Ghost.

We don't learn truth from men. We don't prove our church through logic, history, clever arguments. We don't have to prove it. Any honest seeker of truth will have it proved to them by the Holy Ghost. That's why I can say that I know this church is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That's why I know Jesus Christ is my savior. Not because of clever biblical interpretation, but because I've asked God and I've learn it through the Holy Ghost. 

That's how we drop the hammer. 

Elder Rosenberg

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