Monday, March 16, 2015

Run the Race!

March 16,  2015

Sweeet service project this week helping old handicapped people. My friend couldn't write his own name, but had notebooks full of perfectly transcribed bible passages. Crazy.

Daniel dropped, so that's no fun. But we did enjoy a $50 a person italian meal together in parting. Wow. most expensive thing I've ever eaten. First time having steak in yearsssss. 

Lots of time spent this week working with other missionaries. Lots of counseling, training, lifting vision, working hard. It's tough. Way harder than just working hard yourself. It makes me really feel for a mish pres. I'm straining just trying to handle 25missionaries problems, he has to handle 250. wow. 
Also, doing lots of korean testing. We have sort of pass off program for korean that new missionaries have to complete. So lots of helping new missionaries and teaching korean. 

And our ward had a baptism! Actually I lady I found in a 3-some two transfers ago, and taught a few times on exchanges. super cool. the elders were looking for a lessactive's house, but then found a different lessactive in the process. then over time his wife ended up being interested. and BOOM. she's now on the path back to Heavenly Father! 

I've been thinking a lot recently about how the mission is like a marathon. Dad and I did a marathon. It We didn't prepare as well as we could have, and it HURT! Of course we finished, but the race it's self wasn't super fun, lots of pain. We will all run the marathon of a mission. And by the end, runners figure it out and start to run fast. But for those who didn't prepare very hurts. A lot. And they experience a lot of pain. And they don't run very fast at first. But for the runner who trained a lot before the race, he can explode from the blocks, never losing ground, never looking back. And it's a lot more fun for him. He changes a lot. He grows a lot. And it's still a marathon. It's still hard. But it's so FUN! And he's happy, and loves it. 

Just really realizing the importance of preparation. And I'm so grateful that I did a little running before the marathon. 

Love. this. life.
Elder Rosenberg

the remains of delicious chicken and red pepper sauce. yum. 

I think I"m full

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