Monday, April 27, 2015

Hugging General Authorities!

April 27,  2015

Fun week this week. Lots of different situations. Teaching a man about patience and Christ over a $150 steak dinner. Teaching another young man about Lehi's vision, drawing the tree of life on McDonald's napkins.

 Picked up a cool new investigator. Has lots of doubts about korean churches, and lots of good questions. And raises tarantulas. Thihks they're cute. 

Mission Tour with the Asia North Area President, President Ringwood! 
(You might remember his talk about shiblon in conference.) 
Yup. He's even better in person. Such an impressive man. Just radiated with spiritual power. And he had all of our names memorized. When I asked a question, he called me by name. From wayyyy to far away to read my name tag. Poignant lesson.

He also said a lot of very nice things about President Christensen, "I say this very seriously, we wish all of the asia north mission presidents could be like president christensen." Wow. 

President talked about racing, showing a video of a college runner who started celebrating before he finished and got passed. "Don't celebrate before you're done!" He testified that it was a mission that taught him how to work hard. "I've worked the past 20yrs as surgeon, doing 90hr weeks." Wow. Such a pillar of spiritual conviction, success, hard work, and wisdom. So grateful for him. 

Then I got to get interviewed by President Ringwood, a huge privilege. Even cooler when you consider I also got interviewed by Elder Whiting last year.  As usual, I bragged about my family and we talked about missionary work. He answered all my questions, without me even asking them. General Authorities ARE men called of God, and God grants them revelation for us.

This is Christ's true church. And He leads it today through His servants. 

Also, I hugged him. And he's probably hugged President Monson. Soooo transversely.....I've basically hugged the prophet. Niceeee. 

Love you all!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Piano Guys

April 20,  2015

Lots of fun with drunk friends this week.
A man comes swaggering up to us and starts yelling.We think "ahhh we've seen this before..." but then we listen "soo I don't care if you're wrong or right, just be true. GO! Go! Go be good joseph smiths! Once a marine, always a marine!" hmmmm ok. Then last night on the subway a man was curled up and just swearing angrily at nobody, reallyyyy loudly. Then the best: I walk up to a guy and he just yells "AH! Come here. Kiss for daddy! Give daddy a kiss!" He grabs my face, trying to press his two alcohol splattered smoochers against my lips. I turn so he just gets my cheek and then politely wish him a good day. 

Never drink. EVER. please....

Great stuff with investigators though:
Brother Kang-cool english program college age kid, looks at our commitments as homework so he always does them. started praying for the first time in his life!
Brother 'anchor star"- yeah his name literal means anchor star....SUPER golden. "I just want to be a good christian. what's the first step?" agreed to get baptized next month. 
Brother Lee- the most humble 76yr old korean I know. Came to our second lesson with the pamphlet noted, marked, and with questions. NICE.

The work's movin! 

now.....PIANO GUYS! If you don't know who there are...look here. In the top ten youtube channels......
Two of them served in korea...and they came last night! They have a huge concert tonight, but they did a fireside last night. INCREDIBLE. Not only are they ridiculously good musicians, but they are surprisingly spiritual. They say they pray before, during, after every song, shoot they do. Especially when they're doing gospel songs. They really are using their talents to be a witness of Christ. They talked about some crazy miracles they've seen. wow....

love you all! 

Cole is sitting down in the middle

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Because I love God with all my heart

April 13,  2015

One of our zone commitments this month is "family scripture study and prayer." So every night at 10:15, we get together and read from the Book of Mormon together. Just like the real thing, it's hard, sometimes the kids are rowdy, sometimes we're late, but it's ALWAYS an incredible experience. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It changes mine everyday. And we see so many miracles sharing it.

We've been out of korean books for a long time. So this week we just went out with english ones, praying to find someone to give it to. I meet a kid, from ELLICOT CITY MARYLAND. Wow. What a cool miracle. Yup, he walked away with a copy of God's word, committed to ask Him if it's true. 

We got a really cool new investigator, referred to us from my old companion Elder South. Brother Lee, 76, is one of the most humble people I've ever met. Lost his wife 20yrs ago, is catholic, but has many doubts, lots of questions, and is interested in the mormon perspective. WOW. It's like he's straight out of PMG.....

GENERAL CONFERENCE. We tell people: "what if, hypothetically, God talked to a couple of guys, and then they had a press conference about what He said. Would you want to hear it?" 
YUP. 10hrs of what God has to say to man. SO good. \

Really liked Elder Renlund's address about "Saints are sinners who keep on trying." 
It was like Heavenly Father was speaking straight to me. 
Also, Elder Ringwood's talk about not judging others. 
Elder Ballard, RM does not mean retired mormon. After two years of focusing on serving others, why go back to just focusing on myself and school? 

Pres Uchtdorf was my favorite. I really liked what he said about loving the Lord. 
And I thought, yes, that IS why I'm here. Because I love God with all my heart. 

Love you all too! 
Elder Rosenberg

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

April 6,  2015

This week was great! I've been a little off my game the past few
weeks, not really sure what, but just not 100%. Interesting to
recognize that the natural man will always be a struggle. We will
always be tempted to do less than our best. Of course 90% now is still
way better than 100% a few transfers ago. But that doesn't matter. The
Lord wants my all. I need to ALWAYS give 100%.

Just grateful that I could see myself getting a little better each day
this week. Lots of prayer, lots of repentance, lots of hard work.

Had a fun day this week. All our appointments canceled, and it rained. of those lovely 12pm to 9pm street contacting days,
interrupted only by an hour dinner break. Well, there weren't a lot of
people to talk to in the rain, but we talked with everyone that
decided to venture outside! All 141 of them. So fun. We focused on
really trying to teach on the street. We had role played sharing a
teaching a lesson in comp study, but then the appointment canceled.
So, we taught the whole thing to a guy on the street. Super cool. Like
Sister Christensen taught us, "We don't role play just to practice, we
role play to receive revelation." As we applied the revelation we have
received in role play, it truly softened that man's heart.

A sister got baptized this week! One of our recent converts referred
his girlfriend and baptized her on sunday! NICE. "No matter how bad my
day was, whenever I came to church or met the missionaries, I always
left with peace in my heart."

Fun time translating for the Sister Christensen's relatives that came
to visit Sunday. Just sat behind them and translated sacrament
meeting. Wow. Tough. And a lot of testimonies were great in korean,
but in english/western thinking, were really really weird. Like the
detailed description of a beggar with no arms or legs. Fun though.

At the end, I got up and bore my testimony. Just a simple witness of
Jesus Christ, His resurrection, and the joy of sharing His gospel. For
the 5 foreigners there, I finished my testimony in english. Wow. There
is something so powerful about being able to testify in your native
language. But even speaking english made me realize how hard it is to
convey in words the things I believe.

I think the words of hymn express it better:

Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
"I know that my Redeemer lives!"
He lives! All glory to his name!
He lives, my Savior, still the same.
Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives:
"I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Love you all!
Elder Rosenberg
--the new mormon website is incredible.

--the baptism!

sometimes I feel like that too......hardcore days......