Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Because I love God with all my heart

April 13,  2015

One of our zone commitments this month is "family scripture study and prayer." So every night at 10:15, we get together and read from the Book of Mormon together. Just like the real thing, it's hard, sometimes the kids are rowdy, sometimes we're late, but it's ALWAYS an incredible experience. The Book of Mormon changes lives. It changes mine everyday. And we see so many miracles sharing it.

We've been out of korean books for a long time. So this week we just went out with english ones, praying to find someone to give it to. I meet a kid, from ELLICOT CITY MARYLAND. Wow. What a cool miracle. Yup, he walked away with a copy of God's word, committed to ask Him if it's true. 

We got a really cool new investigator, referred to us from my old companion Elder South. Brother Lee, 76, is one of the most humble people I've ever met. Lost his wife 20yrs ago, is catholic, but has many doubts, lots of questions, and is interested in the mormon perspective. WOW. It's like he's straight out of PMG.....

GENERAL CONFERENCE. We tell people: "what if, hypothetically, God talked to a couple of guys, and then they had a press conference about what He said. Would you want to hear it?" 
YUP. 10hrs of what God has to say to man. SO good. \

Really liked Elder Renlund's address about "Saints are sinners who keep on trying." 
It was like Heavenly Father was speaking straight to me. 
Also, Elder Ringwood's talk about not judging others. 
Elder Ballard, RM does not mean retired mormon. After two years of focusing on serving others, why go back to just focusing on myself and school? 

Pres Uchtdorf was my favorite. I really liked what he said about loving the Lord. 
And I thought, yes, that IS why I'm here. Because I love God with all my heart. 

Love you all too! 
Elder Rosenberg

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