Monday, April 27, 2015

Hugging General Authorities!

April 27,  2015

Fun week this week. Lots of different situations. Teaching a man about patience and Christ over a $150 steak dinner. Teaching another young man about Lehi's vision, drawing the tree of life on McDonald's napkins.

 Picked up a cool new investigator. Has lots of doubts about korean churches, and lots of good questions. And raises tarantulas. Thihks they're cute. 

Mission Tour with the Asia North Area President, President Ringwood! 
(You might remember his talk about shiblon in conference.) 
Yup. He's even better in person. Such an impressive man. Just radiated with spiritual power. And he had all of our names memorized. When I asked a question, he called me by name. From wayyyy to far away to read my name tag. Poignant lesson.

He also said a lot of very nice things about President Christensen, "I say this very seriously, we wish all of the asia north mission presidents could be like president christensen." Wow. 

President talked about racing, showing a video of a college runner who started celebrating before he finished and got passed. "Don't celebrate before you're done!" He testified that it was a mission that taught him how to work hard. "I've worked the past 20yrs as surgeon, doing 90hr weeks." Wow. Such a pillar of spiritual conviction, success, hard work, and wisdom. So grateful for him. 

Then I got to get interviewed by President Ringwood, a huge privilege. Even cooler when you consider I also got interviewed by Elder Whiting last year.  As usual, I bragged about my family and we talked about missionary work. He answered all my questions, without me even asking them. General Authorities ARE men called of God, and God grants them revelation for us.

This is Christ's true church. And He leads it today through His servants. 

Also, I hugged him. And he's probably hugged President Monson. Soooo transversely.....I've basically hugged the prophet. Niceeee. 

Love you all!

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