Monday, April 20, 2015

Piano Guys

April 20,  2015

Lots of fun with drunk friends this week.
A man comes swaggering up to us and starts yelling.We think "ahhh we've seen this before..." but then we listen "soo I don't care if you're wrong or right, just be true. GO! Go! Go be good joseph smiths! Once a marine, always a marine!" hmmmm ok. Then last night on the subway a man was curled up and just swearing angrily at nobody, reallyyyy loudly. Then the best: I walk up to a guy and he just yells "AH! Come here. Kiss for daddy! Give daddy a kiss!" He grabs my face, trying to press his two alcohol splattered smoochers against my lips. I turn so he just gets my cheek and then politely wish him a good day. 

Never drink. EVER. please....

Great stuff with investigators though:
Brother Kang-cool english program college age kid, looks at our commitments as homework so he always does them. started praying for the first time in his life!
Brother 'anchor star"- yeah his name literal means anchor star....SUPER golden. "I just want to be a good christian. what's the first step?" agreed to get baptized next month. 
Brother Lee- the most humble 76yr old korean I know. Came to our second lesson with the pamphlet noted, marked, and with questions. NICE.

The work's movin! 

now.....PIANO GUYS! If you don't know who there are...look here. In the top ten youtube channels......
Two of them served in korea...and they came last night! They have a huge concert tonight, but they did a fireside last night. INCREDIBLE. Not only are they ridiculously good musicians, but they are surprisingly spiritual. They say they pray before, during, after every song, shoot they do. Especially when they're doing gospel songs. They really are using their talents to be a witness of Christ. They talked about some crazy miracles they've seen. wow....

love you all! 

Cole is sitting down in the middle

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