Monday, May 4, 2015

And the truth shall set you free

May 4,  2015


Busy week, an abnormal amount of sit-down, actual lessons, making me
realize how bad of teachers we are. Despite how much we role play, we
just don't teach enough. It's a miracles that people still get
baptized, despite poor korean and confusing teaching. A definite
testament that it's not us doing the work.
But some solid progress with the investigators. We should hopefully
get some to church this week!

Met a really SWEET guy from ghana. Abraham. I've never taught an
african before, but in our mission africans and chinese are the money
demographic. Super prepared to accept the restored gospel. Abraham
knows the bible super well. Every verse we quoted, he finished.
Committed to read and pray about the book of mormon and get baptized
when he knows it's true. Pretty cool.
Also, it's really good that we don't teach in english very often.
Whenever I teach in english I start to get really passionate and
excited and make lots of hand motions. And sometimes get really
intense. Never fails to make my companions laugh :)

Elder Fulthorp and I discussed consecration the other day. We both
realized we'd slipped a little and were talking too freely about
home/the world/other interesting intellectual topics. I know that my
thoughts are definitely not as focused as they have been before. So I
had MUCHHHH repenting to do. I actually felt really bad. But we made
the decision to re-consecrate. And the next day we saw a huge
 We didn't have to make a big change in ourselves, but the result was
incredible. We worked so much harder. We saw so many more miracles. It
was like all the prepared people in ilsan just decided to run into us
that day. And I felt an increased passion for the work. AHHH. Grateful
I can repent and get better each day.

I know that the Lord wants our all. Not just now, but forever. When we
center our lives on Him and His will, we will get all that we want.
As our african brother Abraham told us:
Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free:John 8:32;

There's nothing more liberating then discerning the Lord's will, and
giving up all we have to Him.

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