Monday, May 18, 2015


May 18,  2015

Transfers! Now I'm in Sinchon, the center of Seoul, full of
universities, parties and the LIFE. Yes, you noticed it's SIN-chon.
But we've got the temple, and Elder Smith and I are  here to gather
out the righteous,right?

Went to the temple, wonderful as always. But especially cool because I
got to do the work for one of our ancestors, Sir William. A special
experience, unlocking the gate to his exaltation. I also had a temple
recommend interview with Pres. Really grateful to be able to answer
the questions easily, and be worthy.

BYU WIND SYMPHONY! They had a pretty sweet concert. BYU's great. The
south mission was there, so I saw an Elder Joe Eads from columbia
stake and Sister Kaelin Holdaway from MD. And the Anderson family!

I was supposed to do the bapt interview for a chinese man named Rick,
that my comp/the AP's taught. I sat there in the lesson beforehand,
watching elder south just go at it in chinese. Turns out he smoked
before he came so we'll have to postpone. That's sad. But from what I
could understand it was a pretty powerful lesson.

We teach a lot of internationals here. We just bring people to the
temple/the church and show them mormon messages in their native
language. In the past 4 days we've taught germans, saudia arabians,
chinese, mongolians, americans, and koreans. Wow.

Studied this week about being "blessed." Sounds pretty good. I was
especially impressed by Jacob 5:70-77. That's written about me, in
case you were wondering. One of those few servants who were called to
labor in the vineyard. And now the time is short, and the end is nigh.
(two months?!?!) But we labor with our might. And the Lord labors with
us also. What an incredible privilege. So we GO HARD.
And await the day when the Lord shall say:

"blessed art thou; for because ye have been diligent in laboring with
me in my vineyard, and have kept my commandments, ... behold ye shall
have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard."

Until then.....


Elder Smith, 6'5" went to MIT

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