Monday, May 25, 2015

Temple Run

May 25,  2015

Pretty sweet week. Like every week, but this was especially so. Really
felt the spirit a lot.

Everyone in korea comes to the temple on saturday in the bus loads. So
we get to see lots of friends. This week I got to see my training and
our old AP.

Really fun family night with an american family in our ward. but I got
pretty sick from the hamburgers and 7 layer dip. Wrecked my insides.
I'm not doing to do well when I go home.....

The TEMPLE. Everyday I realized the power it has. We meet people on
the street, tell them we have a super cool building, show them a
picture, say "lets go!" and start walking. And a surprising number
just follow. Once they get to the temple, their jaws drop, the noise
fades away, and an overwhelming feeling of peace sweeps in. People
feel the spirit. It's real.

Elder Smith and I had a really good discussion about faith, belief,
success this week. Decided we needed more faith. We need to believe in
every contact that they WILL meet us again and get baptized. In every
lesson that they WILL commit. Made the decision, went out and acted.
One of the first people we met that day, we invited to the temple and
started walking. He followed. Told that he couldn't go in, but WHEN he
gets baptized he can. Sat down and taught him. Of course you can't get
baptized yet, but WHEN you do......
He committed to be baptized next month.  Brother Woo.

Have faith. Do or do not. There is no try.

Life's good.

love you all!

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