Monday, June 1, 2015

"Don't count the days, make the days count.

June 1,  2015

"Don't count the days, make the days count."

We're making them count, this week was packed with the Lord's tender
mercies. In Seoul it's 400 20yr olds against 30million, but we're
winning everyday.

Brother Yang: he's a chinese grad student here. We had to help edit
his graduate level materials science paper......ouch. Elder Smith went
to MIT and I used to be ok at that stuff but.....we got our tails
kicked. 48pages of pain. But we did it. Yang's awesome. Brought his
girlfriend too. He's come to church twice, loves it, loves the gospel,
and should be gettting baptized soon. Even referred his girlfriend who
has TONS of questions.

Brother Allen: a much younger chinese college student who's super
relaxed, loves church, and is also getting baptized this month. Turns
out he and Yang are from the same hometown, so they love sitting
together at church.

Brother David: meeting missionaries for 1.5 years, but finally came to
church for the first time. We dropped the hammer on him this week and
his heart is softening a ton.

Picked up another couple baptismal dates. And in total, we taught 20
actual sit down lessons. That's pretty ridiculous. I've never come
close to that before. This is a pretty unprecedented level of success
for Elder Smith and I. The Lord is raining down the blessings.

Elder Maynes of the 70 came for a combined mission conference this
week. He taught about having extraordinary expectations, extraordinary
goals. Then we have faith and manifest that by the way we pray. They
will be extraordinary prayers. And boyyy are we praying.
Honestly Elder Smith and I had that discussion about a week earlier,
and were already well on our way. Elder Maynes just put it all into
words for us and helped refine our vision. And the results are

This is the work of the Lord. He truly watches over His servants. When
we go all in, and plan, pray, and act in faith......stuff happens.

Wish I would have figured this out sooner, huh? But I guess that's a
sign of progress :)

love you all!

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