Monday, June 29, 2015

The bottom of the otter-pop is always the sweetest.

June 29,  2015

Felt like epic mealtime last pday. Went to a place next to the
military base, called "Burger Mine." Unlimited burgers. Real.
American. I only managed to get down 3 of the massive stacks of meat,
egg, bacon, veggies, etc. So worth it.

Made jello for one of our chinese investigators this week. He started
giggling like a child on christmas as he bounced it up and down. nice.

We teach a pretty crazy kid who's basically a third korean, a third
american, and a third chinese. He finally came to church this
week....but on the way home from the club and hadn't slept for 32hrs.
Surprisingly made it through most of the 3hrs. Pretty cool that he

"Once you hit your 5th transfer together, you finally start to feel unity.."
Yes, Elder Sullivan and I work well together. Super busy, tons of
teaching. Not a lot of finding time. But the Lord provides. We got 2
member referrals this week. More than I've got my entire mission. Both
are awesome.

Coolest moment of the week:
One of the member referrals is a girl whose mom is LA and grandma is
active. The girl is apparently a prodigy, speaks 6 languages fluently,
and attends an elite liberal arts school in boston. But she's having
some really hard times. After the doctors, counselors, and
psychologists gave up, they finally called in the missionaries. We
show up to probably the most expensive house I ever seen in korea
(after the mission home). Mom, grandma, and daughter are all there.
They feed us Popsicles and awkward chitchat for a few minutes. But
finally get out of the way. Then begins one of the best lessons I've
ever seen.

It's difficult to describe, but it was an incredible experience. It
just felt like D&C 50:22. "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that
receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice
The Lord will reveal to us people's needs. In very real ways, we will
be given exactly what to say. And you and they will feel the power of
the Holy Ghost.


The mission is like a Popsicle. It just gets better at the end.

--burger king had a sale...10pc nuggets, $1.50. Yes, we bought 60. Yes
it was too many.

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