Monday, June 22, 2015


June 22,  2015

Anyone remember that kid I spent 6months being companions with a year ago? Well we're back together! Elder Sullivan and Elder Rosenberg 7.5months! I will have to be with my wife for a long time before she beats Elder Sullivan.....

Fun experience this week helping out an 94yr old grandpa. We were on the way home, almost late, and spotted him, struggling along with a big on his back. I grabbed the box, my companion grabbed him. And off we go, for about 20min, grandpa yelling out directions. Finally we get him to tell us where we're going. Oh no. He's lost. Our destination is actually 2hrs in the opposite direction. So we spend the next 20min getting him to a police station and they help him back to his house. Poor guy. Just kept saying, "wow. I ran into some really nice guys tonight...." 

Another man actually saw some other missionaries doing a similar thing and wanted to meet us. Pretty golden. Memorized the script of south park to learn English so originally thought Mormons were stupid, but now he's moving to america for grad school and thinks we might be a nice "community to join."  People just never know how much good they do. 

Had my final interview with president. Pretty sweet. I'm going to miss him. 

President Christensen actually had final combined zone conferences this week. SUPER sweet. It felt some Lehi in 2nd Nephi, exhorting his sons with all the tender affections of a parent, his final counsel before he passed on. The Spirit was so strong. 
-Foundation. A mission strengthens our foundation, but now we go on and build! 
-The biggest thing missionaries don't understand is how important this work is. There is NOTHING more important than saving souls, it's God's work and His glory. When you understand that in your heart, not just know it in your head, it makes all the difference. When Satan tempts us with fear, laziness, or "it's not worth it' "it doesn't really matter", than we can answer as Nehemiah, "I am doing a great work and cannot come down." 
-Boat Guy. Don't live below your privileges. There's a feast to be had in doing the Lord's work. Don't sit by and watch it happen, don't settle for scraps. Dive in. Just do it. 

The Lord sent me here because He knew I would complete the mission. 

Love you all. This IS a great work. 
Elder Rosenberg

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