Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Birthday America.

As hiking and pday was wrapping up, we were out of time so we ran to
McD's to grab dinner really fast. Turns out it was not really fast. We
applied Christlike Attributes and waited patiently, then started
sprinting home. But we ran into a member and started talking. We
needed to get home and change, but felt to keep talking to him. After
a moment he said, "hey I'm actually meeting my friend right now. Want
to wait and say hi to him?" ohhhh yeah. So we met him. Casually became
friends. Went back to McD's and all ate together.
That was cool. A first.

A taxi stopped next to me the other day, and the driver started
yelling at me. Oh dear. I get close enough to hear, "That book. Give
me one of your books!" Ok. He takes it and speeds off.
That was cool. A first.

Met our new mission president! President Sonksen! Up until a week ago,
he was the CEO of a peanut butter company, and mannn he loves that
stuff. They've got powdered peanut butter, peanut butter energy shots,
all kinds of stuff. A very impressive man. Full of the spirit. Excited
to be here. Sacrificed a lot to come. So grateful for those who serve.

4th of July BBQ with the temple missionaries! Wow. Delicious. Super
fun to listen to all the korean temple missionaries make comments
about the food. hehehehe. They were not fans of the rootbeer floats.
(Rootbeer is 'medicine' flavor). I happened to sit across from one of
the area 70s. That was AWESOME. Pretty cool to hear about sitting in
front of the prophet, sweet to ask him gospel questions, and all
around wonderful. Turns out his daughter is married to the older
brother of my greenie, and both live in arlington, VA.

David. Sooo close to baptism. He's doing well for the 18th. Woooo! We
talked about temples and how that's the goal, baptism's just the
start. He was getting excited and the spirit was so strong. Elder
Sullivan and I were tearing up.
This is all so great.

love you all!

at the top of namsan, they have this wall of locks, couples write on
the lock, lock it on, then put the key in the mail box there.

when people tell us they "don't have time to meet until next year..."

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  1. I'm going to miss these posts when you're back. Thank you so much.