Monday, July 13, 2015

The last email.....

July 13,  2015

Well, it's been a week of lasts! And now it's time for the last email.

We have only eaten dinner once at home in the past 9 days. Turns out
people like to feed missionaries going home....

My last MLC, President Sonsken's first. It was great. He's going to be
a great blessing to the mission. I really felt the spirit. And I knew
I was feeling the spirit because I kept recognizing things I needed to
do better. Like Nephi in 2Nephi2, I felt the "wretchedness."

Actually was able to talk about that with a less active this week. We
were discussing Jesus Christ and what He means to all of us, and the
spirit was there strongly. So we stopped and said, "Hey. The spirit is
here. We feel it and we know you do too. And when we feel the spirit,
He often prompts us to change for the better. So what is He saying to
you? What do you need to change in your life to draw closer to Jesus

The power was almost tangible as we sat in silence for a few moments.
Finally the LA looked up and said, "well, I suppose I should talk with
Him more often, probably pray everyday." YESSS! We teach and testify,
and they commit themselves under the power of the Holy Ghost. BOOM!

We're trying to work better with members. Our ward is infamous for
less than the best relations. Sure I have no time left, but I still
memorized more names, and as I used them on Sunday, it was awesome!
People love being called by name, and asked sincerely about their
lives. Cool stuff.

Zone training was great. My last, Elder Sullivan's first. I dropped
the hammer a little bit. It was affectionately described later as
"Elder Rosenberg's Hell-fire Speech." Love our missionaries. Such
great potential.

I'm saving all the money stuff for my final testimony tomorrow at the
temple.  But it's been a great two years. I love Korea, I love the
Lord. This IS His work. He WILL be right beside us every step of the
way. We just need to trust Him, and jump in. Be clean, have faith, go
hard, and follow the spirit. We WILL be led. And there WILL be

Jesus is the Christ. He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. If
there's one thing I learned here, it's that fact. His way IS the way
to real happiness and success.

Discover the gift. Embrace the gift. Share the gift.

Elder Rosenberg.
Korea Seoul Mission.
Brief, but passionate.

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  1. I'm going to miss your weekly updates! Thank you for sharing your mission with us!